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Here at AllForProperty, we have a new boiler for every budget and our local trained heating engineers are fully qualified and insured to work in your property. We are accredited installers with different boiler brands including BAXI, Viessmann, VAILLANT,Worcester Bosch, IDEAL and others.

AllForProperty understands that a new boiler can be a big expense, this is why we believe that it should be done carefully and properly. Therefore all our new boiler installations come with a 12-month guarantee on our work and a manufacturer’s backed warranty between five and ten years on any new boiler we install. 

We have Gas safe registered installers ready to go now!


In short yes, this is why, we don’t just fit a new boiler and never hear from our customers again. We like to think of all our customers as a customer for life hence we arrange annual service reminders. Therefore this allows us to chat with our customers and see how they have gotten on over the previous 12 months. 


There are so many things to factor in:  The position of the boiler, gas pipe sizing, type of boiler (combi or system boiler) and size of the boiler. But we do have some standard prices that we work with depending on the survey, so contact us now for a quick and no obligation quote.


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Boiler Installation services we offer.

Gas Boiler Installation and Replacement
Is your existing boiler too old and insufficient, do you pay a lot on boiler breakdowns, call out charges? If so its time for a new boiler…
   The technology used by the manufacturers of new gas boilers has improved year upon year. Therefore the outcome of this is that new boilers are able to offer significantly improved performance levels. Modern boilers are far more efficient for several reasons. The main improvement is that they are all condensing boilers. A well-maintained boiler will burn its fuel efficiently, but it will inevitably drop some heat in the hot gases that escape up the flue. Condensing boilers have superior heat exchanger, as a result they recover more heat, sending cooler gases up the flue and is therefore more efficient.

Condensing boilers are able to utilise a lot more of the heat energy that a boiler produces compared to older non-condensing alternatives. So, if you think its time for a new boiler then contact AllForProperty today for a free no obligation survey and quote on 0121 405 4040

Electric Boiler Installation and Replacement

You might leave in a flat with no mains gas supply, or you might have gas in the property but your gas boiler is connected to a hot water cylinder or storage unit? Does your old electric boiler or water heater cost you a lot in electricity bills or perhaps is leaking? Well you are at the right place! We will find a solution whatever your needs are. Get in touch to book a survey with one of our highly trained and qualified engineers and we will send you free no obligation quote to replace your old boiler.

Unvented/Vented Hot Water Cylinders Installation and replacement

Hot water cylinders are continually increasing in popularity and can now be found in most homes across the UK. They are commonly used to ensure that a copious amount of stored hot water is available on demand for a multitude of domestic uses. Unvented cylinders are connected directly to the mains water system which means they offer high water flow rates to provide higher water pressure for showers and baths.

The unvented hot water cylinder doesn’t require a feeder tank in the loft as it works straight from the mains water supply which frees up valuable space in the property. Unlike vented cylinders, the unvented cylinder does not rely on gravity to function, so they can be installed almost anywhere on a property. Regardless of these different functionalities of hot water cylinders, both styles are manufactured from high quality stainless steel to ensure long life and durability.

As these are sealed systems, unvented cylinders require an expansion vessel to allow expansion of water in the system as it heats up. Without an expansion vessel, the water system cannot allow cold water to expand as it is heated therefore creating a dangerous environment. This is because when water is heated, the pressure can increase by up to 4.5%. An expansion tank allows for this increased pressure which means it is a vital part of any sealed system.

Central heating system Installation and upgrade

Is your Central heating system old fashioned gravity fed? Open vented insufficient system with water tanks in the loft, hot water cylinders in the airing cupboard, old heat only gas boiler? With lots of components around the cylinder and old mechanical room thermostats? If your answer is yes, we’ve got good news for you. We can upgrade your system to a sealed fully pumped system with combination condensing boiler. That will come with so many benefits for your every day life you wont believe:

*Everything will be in one compact unit

*No water tanks in loft giving you more space

*No hot water cylinders in the airing cupboard giving you more space

*No external central heating pumps and zone valves giving you more space and less chance for breakdowns

*Smart controls giving you chance to have complete control over your central heating even from your mobile device

*Instantaneous hot water-that means the boiler will only heat the water when you demanding and not keeping 100’s of litres in your hot water cylinder

*More efficiency means less bills expenses

*Mains water pressure at your taps and showers

*Up to 10 years warranty on your central heating boiler